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Here we will gradually stories of our travels and updates on our plans.

Cromarty 2 December: The Physics of the Wood of Hallaig

Achiltibuie 24 November: Heroes of the Light

Tongue 10 November: The Broch-Builders of Strathnaver

Helmsdale 2 November: The Dogs of Loth

Dunbeath 1 November: The Iron Men of Dunbeath

Garve 28 October: 390 Million Years of Orkney

Brough 16 October: walk and talk

Thurso 14 October: The Viking Myth

Thurso 8 October: Rethinking the Picts - the voice of ancient science

Thurso 7 October: The Science of the Neolithic

Castletown 5 September: The Runaway Universe

Thurso 8 October: Rethinking the Picts - the voice of ancient science..
13 October 2010

45 people came to hear the second of Howie Firth’s talks at Caithness Horizons, this time on ‘Rethinking the Picts: the voice of ancient science’. He  described how the 8th-century English scholar Bede, known as the father of English history, was also an able scientist who wrote about the origins of volcanoes, the shape of the earth, and the phases of the moon, and followed up Bede’s account of the Picts and their origins.

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