About Us

The Travelling Scholars has developed out of the activities of the Moray & Highland Branch of the British Science Association. We like to travel, and we believe that that's what science is – a journey of exploration and adventure, with the possibility of a new landscape opening up around every corner.
'Science has become involved in this adventure, our adventure,' wrote the psychologist Serge Moscovici, 'in order to renew everything it touches and warm all that it penetrates – the earth on which we live and the truths which enable us to live. At each turn it is not the echo of a demise, a bell tolling for a passing away that is heard, but the voice of rebirth and beginning, ever afresh, of mankind and materiality, fixed for an instant in their ephemeral permanence. That is why the great discoveries are not revealed on a deathbed like that of Copernicus, but offered like Kepler's on the road of dreams and passion.' 

Our subjects

We like astronomy, and are glad to introduce the night sky ordescribe the potential of space travel – and we may be able to bring along our specially-designed Mars Rover, for you to operate by remote control. We also like quantum theory, and the story of its development, along with its latest insights on space and time. And sometimes, if there's a topic that we can't cover ourselves, we may be able to find the very person who can.

The first step is to contact us to let us know that you'd like to discuss a possible visit.  

"The way goes into the future, and the end of it cannot be known" - Neil Gunn
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